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3 faves in one!

One of the best snacks ever!

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Asana of the week: Wild thing

Here is the single slide version via imgur.

A how to for Thanksgiving everyone!  Have fun and be safe.


Asana of the Week: Standing Backbend

A how to for everyone.  Hope your holiday season got off to a great start last week.

For those who prefer the single image here it is on an external imgur link.


Asana of the Week: Standing Backbend

This is an excellent example of how a backbend should progress.  I see FAR too many students sending their entire backbend to the L7 vertebrae (right above the tailbone).  

Backbends should originate, focus, and sustain in (predominantly) the middle and upper back.

Your backbends should look like a curve and not an angle happening right above the hips.

Practice safely friends. :)


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'Wonder Kiwi' Smoothies!

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~ My Green Smoothie #1~

{One of the ways that I loved mySelf this morning… making a green smoothie… and serving it to myself the way that I would want to be served ;) }

Low down on Leptin - fat loss for smart people!

How rude! Totally ripped my work, (which had thousands upon thousands of notes) then sourced it as their own.

Shame on you lovefitbodies, shame on you!


Had to share. It’s unbelievable how many gullible people fell for this marketing trick.

I mean really? Do you want to go back to when you are five and have that headband with your name on too?! Except the headband would be better because it wouldn’t rot your body, cause infertility, get you addicted to sugar and it may just have more nutritional value than a can of coke! I mean, some people clean their toilets with coke, what does that tell you?!

Come on people!
You can’t be wre cking your body with this concoction of rubbish. The diet stuff is even worse, “no calories” doesn’t mean its healthy for you, before I receive that response!

Leave it on the shelf.